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A Wedding at Saboey Resort and Villas ,Koh Samui is what dreams are made of. A beautiful small tropical island allows you to have it all. There are many parts of the island that remain relatively untouched, allowing you to have that special Wedding Day.

Many of our overseas couples have chosen to have a very private wedding with just themselves and one or two special people in attendance, leave behind the problems and expectations that a wedding back home may have created, choosing to enjoy the romance and spiritual experience together as a couple, starting a unique new life together as a happy married couple.

While other couples have opted to bring the whole family and lots of friends with them, to share the experience together, taking the opportunity start their lives as married couple surrounded by loved ones, without the need to invite some people they may have had to invite back home, if they had chosen to marry there..

Whatever your reasons are to marry here or whatever the size and style of ceremony you dream of, we are here to help make it perfect for you (and your guests). We will help with all the aspects of your Thai wedding offering you the option of an authentic Thai Buddhist or Christian wedding ceremonies..

Your wedding day doesn’t have to be the only day of celebrating with your guests. We coordinate personalized per and post wedding events that will transform your wedding day into a week long party for everyone. A relaxed cocktail party provides the perfect opportunity to welcome guests to Thailand and allows everyone to meet before your wedding and toast to the festivities ahead. We can coordinate Thai cooking classes, golf days, scuba diving, sunset ocean cruises, and day spa pampering sessions.

Post wedding and Birthday party

We arrange idyllic recovery brunches, BBQ luncheons or casual sunset dinners for you and your guests. Enjoy the freshest barbecued seafood and delicious gourmet buffets while unwinding on the beach after the big day.

Renewal of your wedding your vows.

If you are already married, we can arrange a special day for you and your partner, to renew your vows with each other. Show each other the love you still have together and make it another day for you and your partner to remember for ever.

Getting to Samui couldn’t be easier. Connecting you to the rest of the world, there are daily direct flights from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. For the more budget conscious, you can land at Surat Thani airport and take the ferry to Samui.

A celebration of your love in the formal renewing of your vows at Saboey Resort and Villas Koh Samui can be anything you want it to be.

Perhaps, for some reason, your original wedding wasn’t the fairy tale you’d been hoping for, or it could simply be a special anniversary date you want to celebrate.

Vow renewal ceremonies can be as creative and personal as you want and you are free to let your imagine roam or to keep it simple.

You might want to walk down the aisle to ‘your song’, perform a personal, symbolic unity ceremony, buy new wedding bands for the occasion or simply recite the same, meaningful vows took before.

You may wish to renew your vows as a celebration of the evolution of your relationship, or as a ceremony for people who were unable to attend your wedding. Whatever the reason, vow renewal ceremonies are a marvelous way to deepen your commitment to one another.

This year, why not make your holiday as magical an occasion for your love as there could be, on a tropical island. Plus now, by now any children, family and friends who are a part of your union can also be recognized.

l marriage vows to each other.